Private Care

1 Call care is a specialist domiciliary care provider, based in Cardiff. We provide social care to those considered vulnerable by reason of age, medical condition, difficulties in engagement and or hard to reach.

We provide support with personal care, support with meal and snack, domestic support, shopping and attending important hospital appointments. When providing a package of care, an assessment of the persons needs and activities of daily living is discussed and agreed. 1 Call care is suitably placed to support the person to determine the times required, for example if a call is required in the morning, the person can be specific as to what time suits them best. The same principle is applied to lunchtime, teatime, and evening.

We work alongside other professionals which includes the local authority, NHS and others to ensure the plans for the person are suitable, person centred and appropriate.

We help people in their own homes and where is most suitable for them to receive their assessed care needs support and support with daily living.

Our service provides Independent Living Assistants (carers), who have been trained to provide the best possible care. This includes; Emergency First Aid, Manual handling and instruction and training in medication. The several other aspects to our training such as food hygiene and Dementia care.